The year started with our kick off show at the Bowery Ballroom in New York City as we left to hit the road with Lady Gaga as part of her Born This Way Ball Tour.  The above photo was taken backstage at the Staples Center in Los Angeles by Terry Richardson.

Village Voice Interview:

Paul Miles’ Pics From Bowery Kickoff Show:



We had one of the biggest thrills ever when our hero, Alice Cooper, shouted us out on his radio show while he played our single, “Who’s Coming Back To Who”.  He said:  “New York rock bands have always seemed to have a great trademark gritty aggression and the Dirty Pearla are no exception.  Their latest record, “Whether You Like It Or Not”, has the dirtiness of Guns n Roses but the pop energy of Cheap Trick.  We need more bands like The Dirty Pearls”.  Hear Alice say it in his own words right here:

While on the road we got news that our music was going to be included in the video game “Tap Tap Revenge” and we received a lot of great press as we were gearing up to pass thru our hometown of NYC on the tour.

Village Voice:
Daily Unsigned Compares Us To Stones, GnR & The Darkness:


After Lady Gaga had to cancel her tour due to her hip injury, she asked us if we would carry the torch of the tour and hit the road with the Born Brave Bus, which is part of her Born This Way Foundation.  We hit all the cities that the Born This Way Ball was scheduled to appear in.  The biggest thrill was performing life in the center of the universe…Times Square!

Chef Chris Santos (Chopped) shouts out Dirty Pearls’ lead singer, Tommy London, as one of his favorite frontmen:

MAY - JULY 2013

We return to New York City after being on the road for sometime and start writing a bunch of new songs.  We record a few of them with our producer, David Kahne, and we are planning to release them at some point in 2014.  We booked an intimate show at the Mercury Lounge in NYC to try out the material on the fans.

CBGB Fest ran a promo for the 2013 festival featuring our song “Whether You Like It Or Not” and they posted an interview they did with the band.  Check it out:


We returned to the place where we first debuted…Arlene’s Grocery in the lower east side of New York City!  We went back for a weekly residency throughout the month of August.  Every week was a different show with various guests joining us on different nights.  It was epic every week. selected our song “New York City Is A Drug” as one of the sleaziest songs about New York City.  We are mixed in with some great company: The Stones, The Ramones, The Strokes and more!  Check it out right here:


We capped off the year with a headline show at the famous Irving Plaza in New York City.  It was the first time we ever headlined the prestigious room.  It was the perfect ending to an amazing year!  Thanks to all our fans for all the support.  We got some big things coming in 2014….get ready!


2011 was an AMAZING year for us but it was just the tip of the iceberg!  Wait until you see what we got lined up for 2012!  Lots of great things to announce…so stay tuned! Until then, here’s The Dirty Pearls 2011 Year In Review!

JANUARY/FEBRUARY - We started the year off recording our debut album “Whether You Like It Or Not” with Grammy award winning producer, David Kahne (Sublime, Strokes, Paul McCartney) We pulled away from playing live until the spring so we could focus on the album, video and lead off single.

Club Calco Interview With Lead Singer Tommy London: 

The Sexy Armpit Names Us The #1 Unsigned Band Of 2010:

Krash City Interview With Tommy London & Marty E:


MARCH - Still continuing to record the rest of the album, we finished up the lead off single “Who’s Coming Back To Who” and released it to radio.  Sirius/XM and WRXP 101.9 in NYC start spinning the track.  Due to the response, we put recording the rest of the album on hold so we could film two videos: “Who’s Coming Back To Who” and “Static”.

"Who’s Coming Back To Who" Video Shoot: The video was directed by Star Killer lead singer, Jasin Cadic.  Jasin also plays the lead in the video with Tommy Walker (singer for Sweet Fix) and Jeanine Moss (singer for J & The 9’s).  The video features cameos by Nikki Benz, Chris Santos, Mistress Juliya, Kayvon Zand, Breedlove, Darian Darling, Killcode, Panzie, Kelle Calco, Justine Joli, Dave Delzio, Samuel Valentine and more!  The energy at the shoot and the support from everyone on the scene was amazing!  Jasin truly captured the vibe of the NYC rock scene, while telling the rock n roll love story.  The video was shot at the legendary New York City rock club, Don Hill’s.  This is the final footage ever filmed of the historical venue.  A few months after filming, Don Hill passed away and this video turned into a memorial for Don and his club.  See all the behind the scenes pictures here:

"Making Of Who’s Coming Back To Who" Documentary:            (More documentaries on “making of the video” can be found here:

"Static" Video Shoot: In conjunction with Blue Barn Pictures, Matt Weckel directed the video for our song “Static”.  Matt was the first person ever to use both the XBOX Kinect and Canon 5D Mark II together!  Matt Weckel received rave reviews for using this technology in helping to bring our vision for Static to come to life!  The band performed in front of a green screen while Matt worked his magic to make us look like we were coming out of your TV screen!  Behind the scenes pics:

The Dirty Pearls Join The Likes Of Billy Joel, Beastie Boys, John Lennon And Jay Z: The NYC Music Project maps the city in song and selects “New York City Is A Drug” as #179 joining the ranks of John Lennon, Beastie Boys and more!

ASCAP Interviews Tommy London:

"Who’s Coming Back To Who" Released On iTunes:


APRIL/MAY - As we hit the road to invade the Florida Music Festival in Orlando, the announcement was made on WRXP 101.9 in New York City: The Dirty Pearls were about to make rock n roll history as the first unsigned band EVER to have a live concert broadcast on commercial prime time radio and the first time ever that WRXP had ever aired a live concert on the air!  The concert broadcasted live from Webster Hall in NYC on Wednesday May 11th at 10pm.  DMC (From Run Dmc Fame) joined us on stage for a version of the Run Dmc classic, “Walk This Way”.  The broadcast aired both on the radio and online for the whole world to hear!  Immediately following the broadcast we loaded the van for a mini east coast tour!

Pictures From The WRXP Live Broadcast:

The Dirty Pearls & DMC Performing “Walk This Way”:

Interview With Dirty Pearls Producer, David Kahne:

Lady Gaga Shouts Us Out On Her New Album “Born This Way”: On May 23rd, we received a huge surprise: Lady Gaga name dropped us (and our crew the Rivington Rebels) in her song “Heavy Metal Lover” off her new album “Born This Way’.  The lyrics are: “Dirty Pearls and a patch for all the Rivington Rebels.  Let’s raise hell in the streets, drink beer and get into trouble.  The lyric hits around 1:55:


JUNE:  In June, we had our video release party at the Bowery Ballroom in NYC where we debuted not one but two videos…”Who’s Coming Back To Who” and “Static”.  We debuted the videos (as well as performed) to a sold out crowd!  The energy in the room was unreal.  Penthouse Pet Justine Joli (who also makes a cameo in the WHO video) hosted the night!  When the video was released online (via youtube) the hits were so massive that the youtube counter froze so youtube could investigate if it was a computer program getting the hits or actual views!  June was also the release of the fashion documentary film “Dressed”.  The film used our song “New York City Is A Drug” as part of their soundtrack.

Who’s Coming Back To Who (Directed By Jasin Cadic)

Static (Directed By Matt Weckel)


JULY/AUGUST/SEPTEMBER: From July thru September, we hit the road in support of the release of our singles’ “Who’s Coming Back To Who” and “Static”.  We performed all the new songs, from our fourth coming album “Whether You Like It Or Not”, live to see the fans’ reactions and to give them a glimpse as to what they will be in store for when the album drops in 2012.  On the tour, we got the opportunity to perform at Sun Life Stadium (Home of the Marlins) and opened for such rock staples as Scott Weiland and Cinderella.  

In the middle of our tour, we got a phone call from Lady Gaga asking if we would appear in her MTV VMA Commercial.  Of course we said yes!  

Lady Gaga/Dirty Pearls MTV VMA Shoot - Behind The Scenes:

The ‘Pearls In Penthouse With Nikki Benz:

Harlee Ludwig From Super Addendum Gives A Stellar Review:

Brian Newman Interviews Tommy London For PMC Magazine:

"Turn It Up To Ten" Interviews Tommy London:

Sleaze Roxx Interviews Tommy London And Tommy Mokas:


OCTOBER/NOVEMBER/DECEMBER: In October, Dirty Pearls guitarist, Johnny B felt it was time for him to move onto other artistic endeavors.  Johnny left the band and handed the guitar over to our good friend, Sunny Climbs!  Johnny is still a close friend of the band and we wish him nothing but the best on his artistic journey.

Thru the fall we rehearsed heavily with Sunny and we wrote a bunch of new songs, some of which we are currently recording (with David Kahne) and hope to squeeze onto our debut album “Whether You Like It Or Not”. 

We closed out 2011 with a sold out show at the Gramercy Theatre in NYC, hosted by Luc Carl (SiriusXm, Drunk Diet), that was also a can food drive for the homeless.  We can’t thank the fans enough for bringing so many can goods to the show!  You fed a lot of unfortunate people during the holiday season..

PMC Magazine Interviews Marty E:

"Indies And The Underground" Gave Us Vid Pick Of The Month:

Metal Underground Reviews Our NYC Show:


2012: At the moment, we are putting the finishing touches on our album, setting up the release parties (yes…parties!), working on our next video(s) and putting together the “Whether You Like It Or Not” tour.  There are MANY other things in the works that we just aren’t able to announce yet…but wait until you hear!  :)

Thanks to all our fans for their endless amount of support.  We look forward to seeing and meeting all of you when we invade your city in 2012!

Get ready….The ‘Pearls are coming! - London, Mokas, Sunny, Dougie and Marty!


Latest News Update!!

We have been busy tweaking our official full length major album “Whether You Like It Or Not”, which will be released in January 2012.  We’ve been touching up the songs, mixing, mastering as well as writing and demoing new songs to be considered to make the album as well.  Due to this, we have pulled back on our touring schedule.  Some shows might pop up here or there, we will keep you posted.

But we do have one show already scheduled, we will be returning to our hometown of NYC on Friday December 9th to headline the Gramercy Theatre!  Tickets will be on sale SOON!  Opening acts to be announced in a few days.  Here is the info so far: and The Dirty Pearls Present:                                                               Rock N’ Roll Holiday Food Drive                                                                             Hosted By Luc Carl  Featuring The Dirty Pearls                                                         Friday December 9th, Gramercy Theatre, NYC!                                                    

Interview With Dirty Pearls Producer David Kahne


An emerging NYC band you’re working on now is the Dirty Pearls. How did you get involved with them?

I heard their song “New York City Is a Drug”, and I really liked that. So we worked together on the album. I really liked the style of that record – they wanted to play guitars loud and be a band. I saw these guys live at a music festival. There were 20 bands on before them that were completely interchangeable. Then these guys came on – they have a show, they look different.

We’re trying to see if we can get something going with them. We’re getting airplay, but again as we were talking about earlier, it’s some guys starting a business. They’re building their brand, so to speak – that term is used so much now.

Read the entire article here:

New Single Released: Who’s Coming Back To Who

DJ Rich Russo will be debuting our brand new single “Who’s Coming Back To Who” on WRXP 101.9 in NYC THIS Sunday March 13th at 9pm on his show Anything Anything!

The single is the first release off our first major full length album “Whether You Like It Or Not”, which was produced by David Kahne (Sublime, Strokes)

The single will be available on itunes and at our shows as a 3-Song Maxi Single which will include the songs: Who’s Coming Back To Who, Whether You Like It Or Not and New York City Is A Drug.

For those of you that don’t live in the New York area, you can still tune in and hear Rich Russo debut our new single from the live online stream on

Working On Our Debut Full Length Album!

We’ve been non stop recording our first full length major album with producer David Kahne (Strokes, Sublime) and Engineer Joe Barresi (Weezer, Queens Of The Stone Age) in Avatar Studios in New York City.  The music is all wrapped up and now it’s onto recording the vocals!  The album should be wrapped up by the holidays with a release set for Spring 2011.   A full tour will follow and of course the album release party, which will be in our hometown…New York City!

We will keep you posted on all developments with the album and tour dates.  We should have a track listing up soon as well!  In the meantime, here are some pictures from the studio taken by our good friend Coco Alexander.

David Kahne Signs On To Produce The Dirty Pearls First Full Length Album!

As of today it’s OFFICIAL! Grammy Award Winning Producer, David Kahne (Strokes, Sublime, Paul McCartney) has signed on to produce our first full length album!!!
David worked with us previously on our single “New York City Is A Drug” which has been on rotation on WRXP 101.9 in New York.
We start work on the album this month and are shooting to have it out and in your ears by the end of the year…oh yea..and then there’s the big ‘ol release party we need to plan…but let’s take one step at a time! :)
Well keep you updated on the process!

Jason Jordan (Hollywood Records) Gives Us A Shout Out!

Hollywood Records VP Of A&R, Jason Jordan, gave us a shout out on HITS online!

Check out excerpt below from the interview.  To read the full interview go here:

Excerpt From Interview With Jason Jordan:

When you aren’t busy with work, what do you enjoy doing for fun?

Back in the day I’d say something really vague about my personal life and my work life being one-in-the-same. But I’ve really made an effort to distinguish between the two over the last couple of years, much to the delight of my wife. The real answer is anything that is super meditative and in nature—current examples would be snowboarding and surfing, which I do as often as possible. That is, when I’m not just purely spacing out on the West Side Highway, staring at the Hudson, listening to music I’ve loaded that people have sent me. I find myself doing that often—does that count as a hobby? Currently “unsigned and/or worth hearing and in rotation” on my iPod is new music from: The Angry Kids (from Toronto), The Sequel (living in LA, but from NYC), Greek Fire (from St. Louis), Me Talk Pretty (from NYC) and The Dirty Pearls (their David Kahne-produced single, “New York City Is a Drug”, is super-infectious)—from NYC! There are some tips, kids—now go make some money for yourselves and leave me alone.